We Are Not KreativeS

My name is Ben, one of the three writers here.

I’m approaching the end of my rather enjoyable time at AUT University majoring in Advertising via Bachelor of Communications. While it’s been tough slaving away for 2 days a week and getting B+ results for essays written the night before they’re due, I feel that I need some sort of challenge to keep me occupied while the work piles up in my final stretch towards graduation.

Once upon a time I looked into studying journalism, however since then I’ve realised that I’m a shit writer so I’m hoping that this project will open gateways into some much needed writing experience, a creative outlet and some bitches.

The advertising industry is mainly divided into two specialisations.

First there are the suits, the face of an agency whose job is to look after clients and do all the PR work. They are the ones who wear the Bluetooth headsets and charge their lunches to the Man. The other half of the company consists of the creatives. The creatives are the mans the with plans. They’re the ones behind the scenes who think up the ideas for those ads (not adds) that you all know and love. I’m not talking about the ware-whare mailers or the Briscoes lady, I’m talking about the ones that make you look twice, the ads that make you smile when you realise you’re a sucker. I want to be a creative at an advertising agency.

Now, creatives at any agency will work in a team of two consisting of an art director and a copywriter. Naturally, the art director directs art and the copywriter writes copy, easy. While my bolskiff Hugh likes to think he can direct art, I want to write.. the copy. Hugh and I aren’t a creative-duo so we’re going to be competing for the top spot with our respective partners. I’ve already said that I’m a shit writer so I need to figure out a way I can turn my hopefully half decent ideas in words.

So why not write a blog?

We’ve already been given a few live briefs (meaning they're currently being worked on in the real world) this semester including designing campaigns promoting the brand values of TV One (with an imaginary budget of $250,000, oh my gosh) and raising awareness for PlanetFM, a radio station who are fluent in 47 different languages.

Hopefully through this blog we can explore ideas and express ourselves creatively. We hope people will follow us for informational and recreational purposes as we delve into the abyss where we think we are clever.

I’m going to finish with a fun little video that was shown to us in one of our classes that will blow your mind off. Judging by the 11 million views on the tube, you’ve probably already seen it. But I don’t care.

Also, remember to check out the FYI and Foolery page for the in-house art competition!


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