Competition Gets The Better Of Me

These other two.

Shit. Alright since you’ve been told that I am going to tell you about how our agency brief is going, here goes.

The first rule of agency brief is: Don’t talk about agency brief.

Big confidentiality sorry guys. I can however say that we are working at Saatchi & Saatchi, and that wancers, is pretty fuckin awesome.

Now on to the meat of why you have come here. Today’s post is about competition. Competition drives us. In New Zealand advertising is a tight industry which compresses competition to the max. In such a small pool competition is crucial for maintaining the edge. The home truth I’m trying to get across here is like it or not, the world is riddled with competition.

Look at this blog for example. I believe it’s a subconscious act but it seems like each week the posts are working harder to outwit previous posts. Example, Jelly’s outright attack on mine and Ben’s end of post videos. It pissed me off to be honest as it made me feel like my post was viewed as superficial, gimmicky if you will. Jelly has an incredible writing style and aptitude for the craft but if he was ever to be in an agency, judging by his work, it would be discarded as ‘off brief’.

Who knows. Competition bugs me, I live for the shit, but it bugs me. I like to play fair and in my eyes playing fair means being cool, rocking out some sweet work, showing you’re dedicated, and then winning. Playing fair does not include seeing how far you can get your nose up the ass of the person giving you the opportunity. It just seems degrading, like, I’ll be your friend and respect you, do whatever you ask, but at the end of the day I’m not gonna beg for a job since I showed up and worked hard, plus my portfolio will do that for me anyway.

Seeing brown nosers get ahead, now that shit grinds my gears, fuck.

When I own my own agency I’m going to bring in potential creatives. I will look at their work while making them sit in total silence. Next, I’ll put down their works on my desk and without showing any emotion say “alright, what makes you so good”. If at any point in time they try to bullshit me with some brown nosing I will stand up and yell GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! Unless of course their work is epic then ill just say “shut the fuck up, no one likes a brown noser”


App of the week: FlightControl. Essentially you use your finger to draw flight paths for landing planes. Red ones go on red runways, yellow on yellow etc. I’d warn that it is highly addictive, and by highly I mean if your ipod/iphone/ipad runs out of battery you’ll be cock for cashing all the way to a charger to get back in this game. $1.29 from the app store

Oh and here is some TV One stuff from us. Our line was “We’ve got news for you” the campaign explored the juxtaposition between opinion and fact.



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