Finding Unicorn Blue

I actually saw a double rainbow while driving home yesterday. It was actually really very bright, and really very vivid. While the second rainbow was merely a faded replica of the first, it was still clear that this spitting mirror image was the second half of the total package. It was exhilarating.

I quickly rushed home to get a better view from the lounge. The rainbow shone in all its glory as it nestled over Auckland’s CBD. I could actually see every single colour including that mythical blue sitting somewhere in between the green and the yellow. What does it mean? A sign of good luck?

I could easily divulge this shit all day but I realise you really don’t care, and neither do I really. I need Jelly to write a guide on overcoming procrastination, it’s not all goal setting and time management. I need a plan when I write these things, a strategy if you will.

I want to push out content that you will actually want to read, both informative and entertaining. I could sit here and write about my assignments at school when realistically only 10% of you will actually know/care what I’m going on about. So I’m going to mix it up a little bit.

Our Progress So Far

Last week I left you on how Charles and I actually had a few solids for the PlanetFM brief and were feeling pretty chuffed about it. We had figured out the perfect way to hit the target audience and had fixed our tunnel vision sights upon it.

A drastic turn of events threw us on the flipside as our proposed ‘ideas’ were devoured and shat on from the Ice Dragon Queen (IDQ) herself. The lesson learned from the encounter was that not every somewhat decent idea can be campaignable, let alone any good, so don’t show up with only two ideas. We slumped back to the drawing board.

When brainstorming ideas, we’re taught to shit out our ideas on paper and quickly move on. If you get hung up over one you’re limiting yourself to a crap idea and no matter how bad everyone else seems to think it is (despite it's awesomeness), you still think you’ve plopped out a beaut.

I need to practice what I’m preaching and learn to move on. We need to keep on going for at least an hour until we’ve acquired a good 10 or so bad boys ready to work with, even the terribles because you never know, that tap dancing heffa stepping to Puttin’ On The Ritz could actually be quite the paragon. It doesn't help that the only real time we get together is during our breaks at school.

With the TVOne campaign due on Friday and PlanetFM brief nibbling us on the dick, we’re going to be living rough this week. Hopefully by my next entry I'll be able to finally publish some work. I fucking hope we can churn out something good.

No amount of study and hard work is going to conjure the magical idea powerful enough to slay the IDQ. Here’s hoping we catch a glimmer of that unicorn-blue somewhere over the Auckland skies this week.

The Entertainment

To hit the nostalgia spot.

And speaking of bricks...


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