When I grow up I want to be a...

Here at WANC we’re making a few changes.

Firstly, as you’ve already seen, we’re adding Adam to the roster for those Sunday lates. Now you don’t have a reason to worry while clicking through your daily browse on Sunday nights, raging at having to wait another whole day before your next WANC fix. We’re hoping he can bring a fresh new dish to the social and expand on the content that we already have to offer. Expect good things from this man.

Secondly, while our readers may enjoy the wild banter that goes on or what concerts Jelly goes to, we are really looking at tapping into a subject that everybody will want to read about, not simply about our homework. While we hope that we are providing a new and exciting perspective on the inner workings of what it’s like to be a budding creative, we realise that not everyone shares our passion or agrees with our lifestyle choices and while we can’t cater to everyone, we hope that each writer can at least provide something of value to the fans.

Finally, we want to get this shit buzzing. We’re going to work on pushing our site even harder. We’ve broken the 100 fan barrier on Facey and have recently joined the ranks of the pros on Twitter. We want to hear YOUR feedback on what you want us to write about, what you’d like to know about the creative world and what makes us different from accountants. You may not even care at all and would simply want us to just find you some funny pictures and have us prove that the internet certainly isn’t wasted on us. Feel free to comment on our posts/Facebook/Twitter and follow the blog and let us know how we can improve. Maybe blogging can be a good thing, right?

We want to connect with other creatives and the like and get people excited about the future. I heard from some guy that big fuck off corperates are actually hiring people with BA’s over those with business degrees. Maybe that BA was actually worth it?

With the introduction of new technologies and media every day, people are realising that the shit that your dad learned at school is quickly becoming obsolete and our generation seems to adapt seamlessly.

Much like how Nana’s keyboard on her home computer doesn’t work properly because she hammers like her old typewriter. Remember how Granddad can recite every element on the periodic table or how he helped design the Auckland harbor bridge? How many times have you had to reset his router when he can’t send his emails?

The world is changing whether we like it or not and being a creative doesn’t seem as unthinkable as it was ten years ago when we were growing up and trying to decide whether to be a professional soccer player or a zookeeper.

In other news, Charles and I presented an assignment the other day where we had to expand on an already existing advertising campaign and show it could be done in new ways through mediums that it hadn’t previously used. We chose the Carlsberg campaign, you know, the one that’s like “Carlsberg don’t do this, but if they did, it would be the best radirah in the world.”

Have a geez.

Would you buy it?

Can you guess what it is?

We just need a girl in this one to make it complete.

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