To Begin at the Beginning.

I feel a little sorry for you readers.

While you should all be happy to see that I have entered the proud halls of WANCer HQ and that I will now be WANCing away every Sunday (yes WANC based puns I know I’m a horrible person.) today’s post must unfortunately be one of those pointless introductory posts.

So Hi WANCers I’m Adam Martin. Copy Writer and creative soul mate of Hugh.

I’m the modest one of our partnership. The one that thinks our ideas are only okay until told otherwise by someone with the authority to proclaim these things. I’m also the quiet one, believe it or not, when pitching Hugh does most of the talking and I watch the client beady eyed.

Hugh and I have been working together creatively for years now. One of the first things that we got told at uni was never pick a friend to be your creative partner. Tutors promised the ends of friendships, poor creative work and the fact that we would probably murder each other. We pretty much proved them wrong on that one, at least for now.

So why are we an exception to this rule. I wouldn’t have a clue to be honest. Our creative ability isn’t based on the fact that we think the same, we don’t, its not that our processes are similar, they aren’t, in fact the way I think of things seems to quite annoy Hugh (apparently there is very little to differentiate whether I’m thinking of copy or staring at the wall). What we have created over the 7 or 8 years of knowing each other is our own shorthand. A series of reference points that allows us to explain and expand on the most far out ideas with the greatest of ease. I can’t imagine working without this.

The other thing is how comfortable you are with your partner. I’m a bit of a shy person when it comes to creativity, I think everything I do is shit until I get told its amazing and even then. But of course after knowing Hugh of a long time I’m not going to hold back when I have an idea I think might be shit. An idea based around, say, how a trex doesn’t like energy drinks cause the can is to big and he only has tiny dinosaur arms (that’s an actual idea I had by the way).

As a final point I think the truest creative partnership you can find is one where you wouldn’t be as good without each other. And It was pointed out to me once that Hugh and I aren’t good as ‘Hugh’ and ‘Adam’ but when we come together we create what many have said is, at least, above average work. And if I can continue to get paid for fucking round with my best mate, then advertising is choice.

Well till next week Happy WANCing.

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