The Game. I'm Back In It.

I feel like first things first, an apology, for leaving people in the dark for the last month or so.

Also, sorry for my post about taking a shit. I was driven to madness by the events I am about to describe.

As the iron curtain surrounding our advertising major lifts you can look forward to two things. Hearing a lot more about what Adam and I have actually done, and potentially seeing some of our work published on another page that'll be coming soon.

So what are we up to at the moment? Well we're done!!! We have officially finished our Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Creative Advertising. We were so stoked to be done in fact that we ran down to the beach, stripping off clothes madly (and skipping). As we clambered over the rocks to a sweet diving location we looked with anticipation at the sparkling water. We held hands and jumped head first over the rocks edge. At that very moment however our awesomeness appeared before us and pulled the entire tide out and Adam and I crashed face first into the sand, the sand of sober reality.

We have so much more work to do than we thought!! Not only do we have to get jobs like right now but we have to produce a good old fashion portfolio of work (which is currently sitting at 40 A3 pages). It is a sexy portfolio and I am currently Art Directing up the final ads to put in it as I write this blog. It features some great work of ours over the year including work for Tenderloverandcarry, TVNZ ONE News, OGGI, Rexona, Stardome, and State Insurance. These are all campaigns of our that have been highly commended, recognised, and even nominated for various awards.

It feels fuckin good guys!!

We've made it, we ARE creatives!

The final hurdle is getting a job. We have an end of year show this Tuesday our in Mt.Eden where a bunch of 200 or so industry bigs are gonna show up and check out our portfolios. Adam and I have a few tricks up our sleeve to lift us above the competition so it should be a great night.

The Sun is out guys. We're young. We're Creative. We're free.

Lets fuck shit up


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